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Long-known for great taste and enjoyment, Nestlé chocolate and confectionery products are also full of intrinsic goodness, contributing to wellbeing.

Whether it’s reduced sugar, smaller portion options or all-natural flavours, Nestlé works to bring you tastier and healthier choices.

With a broad range to choose from, Nestlé chocolate and confectionery products can be enjoyed by almost everyone as a delightful part of a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Did you know?

  • Dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants.
  • Milk chocolate delights the senses and may help improve your mood.
  • Milk is an ingredient in chocolate; it is high in phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, as well as providing vitamins B12, B2 and E.
  • Most chocolate contains sugar – a source of glucose which is vital for the brain and body. It is a natural element that when eaten in moderation, plays an important part in a balanced diet.

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